Pacific Book Review

Religious texts have long been talked about, shared, debated and challenged throughout history. With each religion having their own sacred text on which their beliefs are based, it really comes down to one thing; faith. So, what happens when someone devout in their faith dares to try to update or change the holy book of their church? This is what lays the groundwork for Sacred Treasury of the Lord: Christian Text by John Elias Yaakov.

This non-fiction work is the true account of John Elias Yaakov, who is a High Priest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and it chronicles a religious event which happened in his life that led to the writings in this book. When the author is unexpectedly approached by someone in 1997 with a piece of paper and a request, it sets off a chain of events which changed his life from that day forward. When his church does not support or endorse the religious writings that evolved from his chance encounter, Mr. Yaakov is not deterred in sharing this with the world in this compilation. When you are a High Priest in the LDS church and you are steadfast in your faith, it takes a strength of character to bring new religious texts to the hierarchy and to deal with the subsequent consequences.

Sacred Treasury of the Lord by John Elias Yaakov is a work born of passion and devout faith. While it may be considered controversial by some, it is with an open mind that we learn and grow as human beings. The author has a goal to share this new text with the world and this book is his platform. I encourage you to add this title to your collection. I found this book to be the perfect tool to guide readers into their own spiritual journey and quest for answers to their big questions. I definitely recommend Sacred Treasury of the Lord to all philosophers, theologians, and any reader who wants to enrich their own spirituality or find their own idea of God.